Sunday, July 12, 2009

Newfound Obsession: Vintage

So a few months ago I bought my first vintage piece, a gold locket, thats proven to be the doorway to my obsession with vintage jewelry. My two latest purchases are these:
which i'm hoping to put a dried flower in one and a compass in the other

and this I just thought was very elegant.

And now I'm trying to decide between these lovely pieces:

I'm leaning towards the rose...but not sure'll have to wait a tad anyway, because as usual i'm hoarding my cash til the end of summer. Saving for school shopping.  Ah the wonderful life of a college student, they make you go broke before you can earn a cent. 
Anyhoo, night night, major studying tomorrow morning! 


  1. Lovely pieces. I LOVE vintage... I love the pendant with multiple stones in it.. looks like they are semi-precious stones? good luck with your projects!

  2. I dont think they were semi-precious but it was a great piece. I'd buy them all if I could. And thanks :)