Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Featured Shop: Jannyfay

Hello all, in a previous posting I showed you a few vintage pieces on Etsy that I loved, well here's one store that I really love and I hope you will too! The pieces are sweet and feminine. Check it out:

Shop name: 

Specialty: I feature and love vintage items. I also take average things and use my vintage materials to incorporate new with old. 

Bio: One of my favorite things is making my bridal pieces and tweaking them with a bit of vintage added somewhere on the piece. I love old beautiful buttons with rhinestones or an old vintage pin to achieve this look. 

Favorite Item: I would have to say my "morning Bloom" rose for bride is one of my favorite pieces at the moment. I plan on expanding the collection of hair pieces to not only for the bride but any special occasion. My long term goal would be to offer a collection for an entire wedding party from the headpiece to pew bows, the bridesmaids, ect. I must add to this that there will always be the vintage look attached someplace in any piece I make . I am very much in love with the beauty and presence that the history of times gone by have and will continue to bring to us all. 

Advice: The only advice I can give to sellers is to not be worried or take it to seriously at first. I have not been at this long enough to feel like can critique anyone but from what I have read in the forums is to not be hard on yourself if the sales take awhile to evolve. When you realize how many shops are out there I think the only thing you can do is just be sure and tag your items the best way to give them more visibility and just do what you do best. If you sew , sew your best , if it's jewelery, make your best, at the end of the day you did what you loved doing! enjoy it. 

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Additions: Religious

Well I just made two more items in a medium i'm still very new at: polymer clay.
Inspiration for the medium: Sarah lol thanks cousin :)
And the fact that we can't find religious jewelry anywhere. Specifically arabic and islamic jewelry. 

So this is just my first attempt. I'm currently working on a much more polished looking pendant, so keep an eye out for more. 

Customizations will be more than welcomed when I get those up.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Bracelets!

I've added two new bracelets to my shop!

This one is pink with a round flower charm. Made on clear stretchy cord for an easy fit

And this is a blue glass bracelet with metal heart beads. Also on stretch cord


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Finds

So I was on the forums today looking for some great items to promote, and as usual I found a couple that were great!

First is this:
A charm i found, made from polymer clay. He's so adorable! And i love that the paint is what makes his body stand out.

And these two guys won my heart over! They are the prefect present for a best friend. 

ok, time to go eat and study. Thanks for checking out the post :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Newfound Obsession: Vintage

So a few months ago I bought my first vintage piece, a gold locket, thats proven to be the doorway to my obsession with vintage jewelry. My two latest purchases are these:
which i'm hoping to put a dried flower in one and a compass in the other

and this I just thought was very elegant.

And now I'm trying to decide between these lovely pieces:

I'm leaning towards the rose...but not sure'll have to wait a tad anyway, because as usual i'm hoarding my cash til the end of summer. Saving for school shopping.  Ah the wonderful life of a college student, they make you go broke before you can earn a cent. 
Anyhoo, night night, major studying tomorrow morning! 

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Loveclay is Todays Featured Shop!

Check out these adorable creations from Loveclay (who happens to be my amazing cousin :)
I personally love the fact that all of her pieces are unique and sweet. Nothing is overdone or forced and each creation has its own personality. 
And my personal favorite is iPod Bot :) 
*All creations are made from polymer clay and are handcrafted. They are created in a smoke free, pet free environment. 

Monday, July 6, 2009

Great Finds

I have two amazing contests I'd love everyone to know about
I think these are great giveaways as are the people behind the creations. Enjoy!

This is Mikiep and he does fantastic drawings. He currently has a giveaway for a custom drawing! Don't miss out on this amazing prize!

And this is kutieklips she's having a giveaway from Lisa Leonard Designs for a $50 gift certificate to her store, which specializes in hand cut and hammered jewelry! This is another great giveaway, don't miss out!


First Sale!

Today I was on the forums when I got my first sale!  Which I was thrilled about. It's reassuring to say the least. Now for more promotions, blogs, sales, etc. 
Tomorrow will be for crafting my arabic creations, which reminds me I need to go do my rosetta stone for arabic. Just got out of classes, so day off tonight. I'll make tags instead. Ok, enough rambling. If you'd like to be featured on my blog, which may not be for a while since I don't really have followers, fill out the form below and comment the post or email me Or convo me on Etsy-
Thanks all :)

Featured Artist Form

Store Name:


Favorite Hobby: 

Best Piece of Advice You Have Given/Received:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Blog

Hi Everyone, 

This is my first post to promote my creations on Etsy and hopefully allow others to promote theirs. Followers get heads up on sales and can feature their items (just fill out a simple form, which i will be creating soon!)

I'm also working on getting free ad spots.

Ok, so my newest venture has been into the geekery category, but most of my items are glass bead bracelets and supplies. I'm also going to try making arabic creations, most of them will be mainstream items, but i'm open to customizing/ personalizing them. i.e. if you want your name in arabic. Same with my bracelets. That's all for now, i'll be getting everything up and running soon!

But in the meantime, check out a few of my creations.