Thursday, July 23, 2009

Featured Shop: Jannyfay

Hello all, in a previous posting I showed you a few vintage pieces on Etsy that I loved, well here's one store that I really love and I hope you will too! The pieces are sweet and feminine. Check it out:

Shop name: 

Specialty: I feature and love vintage items. I also take average things and use my vintage materials to incorporate new with old. 

Bio: One of my favorite things is making my bridal pieces and tweaking them with a bit of vintage added somewhere on the piece. I love old beautiful buttons with rhinestones or an old vintage pin to achieve this look. 

Favorite Item: I would have to say my "morning Bloom" rose for bride is one of my favorite pieces at the moment. I plan on expanding the collection of hair pieces to not only for the bride but any special occasion. My long term goal would be to offer a collection for an entire wedding party from the headpiece to pew bows, the bridesmaids, ect. I must add to this that there will always be the vintage look attached someplace in any piece I make . I am very much in love with the beauty and presence that the history of times gone by have and will continue to bring to us all. 

Advice: The only advice I can give to sellers is to not be worried or take it to seriously at first. I have not been at this long enough to feel like can critique anyone but from what I have read in the forums is to not be hard on yourself if the sales take awhile to evolve. When you realize how many shops are out there I think the only thing you can do is just be sure and tag your items the best way to give them more visibility and just do what you do best. If you sew , sew your best , if it's jewelery, make your best, at the end of the day you did what you loved doing! enjoy it. 

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